Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand that choosing an activity provider can raise lots of questions from anxious parents wanting to know their children will be having fun in safe hands. So here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Firstly, it is our objective to offer the best training and academies to to our students. Our aim is to develop an organisation of quality and integrity that offers our students nationally and internationally endorsed qualifications in a flexible learning environment.

We aspire to develop new and innovative ways to market and implement our programs. Our objective is to provide skills development that will enable students to participate and optimise opportunities in the Sport, Recreation and Fitness industry, and to enable enterprises to be competitive, sustainable and successful in the market place.

Our office is open from 10am to 6pm. After school activities usually start 5-10mins after the school finishes. Please check with your child’s schools ASA Coordinator for the exact timings.

Prices vary depending on how many sports and activities your child participates in. Please contact us for more information

We run holiday camps throughout the year, summer, winter, and spring and also during half terms school breaks. The dates can vary for each holiday camp. Please keep a look out on our website for regular updates on where our camps will be located.


At Stryx we only hire qualified trainers and coaches. They are all highly qualified in their specific sports as well as First Aid trained and police checked. Our FCBEscola coaches are supervised by our Technical Directors who are directly employed by FC Barcelona and assure the training is done according to the strict FCB guidelines.

We recommend that children wear casual clothing; T-shirts, shorts, or sports clothing. As children are actively playing in different sports and activities it is best that they wear closed-in shoes, trainers are the most preferred. This also lessens the likelihood of injuries.

We also advise parents to clearly label their child’s property this includes bags, clothing, shoes, lunch box containers, water bottles, towels, swimwear etc…

StryxGulf understand the importance of helping children socialize, meeting new friends and working within a team. StryxGulf trainers/coaches will make sure that each child will feel welcome and happy to engage with all sports and activities.

For ASA children are grouped and divided by age group and level of ability.
If you book your child and his/her friends onto a class or holiday camp at the same time, the chances are they will end up in the same group provided they are the same age. The holiday camp experience is all about making new friends and getting to know other children and trying new experiences.

We have a variety of different activities and sports that your child can participate in during the holiday camp. The activities depend on the amount of signups we have at each camp.