We offer tennis academy lessons for children aged 3+ and for adults. Our private and group lessons cater for players from beginners to competition level. We adjust our classes to enhance the player’s strength and to provide the necessary technical, physical and tactical knowledge.

All of our tennis academy coaches are certified professionals, experienced with teaching tennis to various age groups. Throughout the year, we offer approximately 1’800 hours of tennis in 4 locations. We also challenge our players to compete in our biannual tennis tournaments.

At Stryx Tennis we focus intently on coach and students development to ensure we are up to date with the leading-edge information, skills and developments in the tennis industry.

Our coaches attend in-house training programs and workshops offered by industry experts, as well as international programs available each year. We pride ourselves on the high quality of coaching talent we have at Stryx and what we are able to provide to our students and those who choose to learn from us.

  • The method is based on memorizing the various tennis shots through a series of drills.
  • We use special tools to emphasize on the racket grip and on the correct way to hit the ball. For example, we use a ball fixed to a strap so that the player must concentrate solely on the shot, hence memorize the technique faster.
  • All players maximize the number of times they hit the ball.

  • All shots are broken down from a biomechanical point of view. Therefore, we minimize the risk of injury and long-term muscle stress.
  • The method is based on objectives. Once one objective is achieved, we move on to the next one.