Our Services

Stryx is striving to be an active contributor towards improving our children’s health by inspiring a love of movement and sports at a young age. We like to broaden our children’s horizon by introducing a wide array of activities and finding the one thing that makes YOUR child fall in love with fitness. We offer After School Activities, dedicated Sports Academies and Holiday Camps to make sure to cater to all skill levels and make it easier for you, as parents to get your children active.

Football Academy (Barca Academy)

Stryx Sports operates Barca Academy Dubai exclusively since 2008. Being a licensed partner means living up to the highest level of expectations in regards to training and performance.

Tennis Academy

tennis academy lessons for children aged 3+ and for adults. Our private and group lessons cater for players from beginners to competition level.

All of our tennis academy coaches are certified professionals, experienced with teaching tennis to various age groups. Throughout the year, we offer approximately 1’800 hours of tennis in 4 locations. We also challenge our players to compete in our biannual tennis tournaments.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most demanding sports as it combines flexibility, strength and agility. Our teachers competed in their National Team and have over 10 years of experience coaching at international level. They offer top quality rhythmic gymnastics tuition to children who want to perfect their technical ability and to mature their talent.

Squash Academy

Stryx Squash Academy offers intensive and fun squash training for players of all skill levels. Our highly trained, award-winning staff brings their passion for the sport and shares their expertise to make you a better squash player.

Holiday Camps

The Stryx Sports Holiday Camps offer children the opportunity to learn key skills in their favorite sport or to be exposed to multiple sports in a fun and entertaining way.

After School Activities

We can manage the entire After School Activity programmes as a sole provider or provide individual sports packages in agreement with the school.

Our professional coaches deliver engaging and exciting training sessions encouraging fair play positive behavior