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At Stryx Tennis Academy we offer tennis programs starting from the age of 3 years to adults, from full beginners to competition level.We provide customizable programs to help enhance the individual’s strength, technical, physical and tactical approach to the sport. Offering group sessions and private lessons that are run by certified professional coaches from all around the world.

Stryx Tennis Academy can help improve your tennis skills if you are a recreational player or you want a challenge to move up the ranks.We invest time and pride in our training process, ensuring that we deliver the very best while making each session fun! Our tennis academy is based in various schools and hotels throughout Dubai such as Raffles World Academy, Foremarke School and Shangri-La Hotel.

Our Tennis Academy Programs

Beginner – Enjoy playing tennis right now!

Our beginner’s classes are aimed at people who have never or very rarely play tennis. The idea is to discover tennis in fun ways, with the goal to quickly play rallies and eventually play a match, using all shots of tennis.

You will learn
  • The basics of technique of all shots
  • The right footwork and balance
  • How to master safe trajectories
  • How to play matches in different and adapted situations

Intermediate – Develop as a player!

Our intermediate classes are aimed at people who already know how to play tennis and want to improve their overall tennis game, physical conditioning and mental attitude.

You will learn
  • How to technically improve a specific shot
  • How to use different spins, angles and trajectories for a specific tactical goal
  • How to better use your body and physical conditioning to be more efficient
  • How to relax and have a better mental approach to the game

Competition – Get to the next level!

Players who are used to playing tournaments will benefit from this match play oriented program, as they will take their game the extra mile.

You will learn
  • How to add and develop new tactics to your game
  • How to manage the physical aspect of tennis and create routines
  • How to define your style of play and make the right choices accordingly
  • How to mentally approach a match to perform efficiently

Doubles clinic – Become a doubles specialist!

Discover or improve the strategies of doubles play. Helping you understand the specifics of the doubles game, this play-oriented class insists on attacking, approaching and controlling the net game.

Cardio tennis – Fitness class on a tennis court!

Going through different stations at a high pace, players enjoy an intense workout with the help of dynamic music in the background. This fun class allows people from different levels to train together in an amazing atmosphere. Your footwork, stamina and energy level will improve dramatically!

Private lesson – Only you!

A private lesson is the best option to perfect a specific technique, a shot that gives you trouble or work on a new scheme.

Semi-private lesson – Share a private lesson!

A semi-private lesson is a great way to have that individual attention and play with a friend at the same time. It allows players to work on rallies with a player of the same level.

Hitting session – Play against a wall!

A hitting session is an efficient way to play a lot of balls since your coach will always send you back another ball! If you want some match play, it will be like playing against a wall so you will have to really work hard to win a point.

Children usually begin playing tennis in the service boxes with orange balls, trying to hit the ball over the net before they can actually play rallies and have fun.The concept of our progressive teaching method is to give the children a court on which they can immediately be in a successful rally situation.

It starts with Baby Tennis and takes the child through the pathway to play on a full size tennis court. At each stage your child learns new skills in a fun environment, which is adapted to his/her age and level.


At this age children are very sensitive to colours. Different zones of different colours are used, each one being associated to a specific shot. Baby Tennis develops motor skills and coordination through fun games and courses.

  • Age: 3-4
  • Court: 8m in the width
  • Net: none but a line to materialize it
  • Ball: large – 26cm, Swiss ball, balloon
  • Racquet: 17”


On this court with no net, children are successful from the first day and learn the basics of tennis through challenging and fun games.
  • Age: 5 and up
  • Court: 8m the width
  • Net: none but a line to materialize it
  • Ball: large – 26cm
  • Racquet: 17”-19”


 With their first real net, children learn how to understand the vertical dimension of tennis and evaluate bounces.
  • Age: 5 and up
  • Court: 11m in the width
  • Net: 50cm max
  • Ball: Petit Tennis – 15 cm
  • Racquet: 17”-21”
  • Children develop coordination and learn the basics strokes of tennis. Starting to understand the rules of the sport.


 Children learn more specific technical strokes and how to rally with their friends.They also learn the concepts of tactics and footwork.
  • Age: 6 and up
  • Court: 12m in the length
  • Net: 80cm max
  • Ball: Red
  • Racquet: 19”-23”
  • Children develop coordination and learn the basics strokes of tennis. Starting to understand the rules of the sport.


Children continue learning the proper techniques and are introduced to different spins and paces in order to follow specific tactics for match play.

  • Age: not before 7
  • Court: 18m in the length
  • Net: 80 cm max
  • Ball: orange
  • Racquet: 23”-25”


Children learn how to relate technique to tactics. They recognize different situations such as offense and defense and begin using different angles and trajectories.

  • Age: not before 9
  • Court: 24m in the length
  • Net: normal – 91 cm
  • Ball: green
  • Racquet: 25”-27”


Children develop a wide range of strategies in order to have their own style of play. They now play in normal conditions and build a complete game as a tennis

  • Age: not before 11
  • Court: 24m in the length
  • Net: normal – 91 cm
  • Ball: normal – yellow
  • Racquet: 27”

T-shirt only (blue or orange) AED 150
set (t-shirt & shorts) AED 250


  • Raffles World Academy
  • Uptown School Mirdiff
  • Fraser Suites (SHZ road)
  • Shangri-La Hotel (DIFC)